NKS 於西元1998年創立開始, 初期與美國DDI CO. Waffle Hangers Co., John Thomas Batts Inc., TYCO, A&E, Spotless Plastics (HK) Limited (Plasti-Form), Mainetti Retail Solutions Worldwide 等知名衣架製造廠合作, NKS提供了從特殊鋼材,沖壓, 熱處理, 表面處理(電解鍍鋅)製造完成的彈簧夾子, 使用在他們的衣架上, 展售於世界上各大購物中心及大賣場內, 皆可看見NKS製造的小零件.  雖然是非常小的夾子, 但是NKS開發前一定以環保材質為優先選擇.  在鋼材熱處理完電鍍時所產生的氫脆性, NKS更是突破傳統,研發出無氫脆性隱憂的技術.

西元2000年時更獲得瑞典商PETERSSONS CO. (柏盛)的賞識合作, 近二十年無間斷的業務往來,更再開發出供應到歐洲的知名大廠, 例如BOSCH, VALEO雨刷製造的沖壓模具及尖端產品.  很多項目經過NKS的鑽研供應後,皆能解決技術上的瓶頸.

NKS Steel Ind. Ltd. was established in 1998.  We provide the services for steel slitting (according to the width required), ribbon-wound coil and oscillating coil, and steel strapping.  In recent years, we also provided customized products for the electronics industry including punching and wire-cutting precision parts, environmentally-friendly paint products, and related steel parts mold development.

We have cooperated with DDI Hangers, Waffle Hangers Co., John Thomas Batts Inc., TYCO, A&E, Spotless Plastics (HK) Limited (Plasti-Form), Mainetti Retail Solutions Worldwide, those are famous manufacturers for garment hangers in the world.  NKS provides the services starting from the special raw steel, to punching, heat treatment and surface treatment (electrolytic Zinc).  The final spring clips are used on garment hangers and be shown in big shopping centers of the world.

Even though, the spring clip is such small parts for the garment hangers, NKS always considers a friendly environment is an important issue and we take this as a principle for making our products.  After steel heat treatment and electroplating, the steel would become with hydrogen embrittlement.  For this issue, NKS has researched and developed with a new technic to avoid the hidden worries by hydrogen embrittlement issue.

In year 2000, we have started the business cooperation with Petterssons Co. from Sweden and supplying carbon steel coil and oscillated coil for saving cost and improving productivity and yield. By taking the chances, NKS has expanding his business cooperation to other European manufacturers such as to BOSCH and VALEO by providing punching mold and other up-to-date products.  There are many items that after NKS’s study, modifying, all technical issues be solved and worked smoothly.

STANLEY BLACK & DECKER INC. is considered as a biggest hand tool company in the world, and we have also provided OEM services for oscillation steel coils to STANLEY BLACK & DECKER INC.–USA in 2017.  With this oscillation system which can save machine running time, save machine power, save raw material lose, save manpower while machine operating.

We can make this oscillation for steel strip to a weight about 900~1200kg per roll. 

京琳公司也自行研發並成功開發出達克羅連續式鋼帶燒結塗層設備的技術, 這也是全球首座達克羅連續式鋼帶燒結塗層設備.  達克羅的優點是高耐熱性, 高抗腐蝕性, 高防鏽性, 無氫脆性及有好環境無汙染性.

此技術適用於各類鋼帶上, 如戶外門窗伸縮發條, 汽車配件如雨刷(刮) 或是軍用配備如無線電用的天線等, 也適用於需要長期暴露在風吹雨淋或是高溫日曬環境中的製品.  在這些方面, NKS皆擁有成熟的生產技術並持續供貨給國內外客戶且得到肯定.

NKS also make DACROMET coating for our customer from Italy, they request silver color coating on steel strip. This coating material is certified by SGS with certification and it is an environmentally-friendly material.

衣架夾 / 風管法蘭夾 / 金屬沖壓模具  Metal Clip / French Clamp / Metal Stamping Mold
NKS一直都以忠誠、可靠、專業的服務員則為待客之道而成為國際主要衣架品牌Mainetti、Visconti、A&E、Plasti-Form 和 Uniplast 高品質的供應商,也是Petterssons Sweden & Asia Ltd.的 OEM 廠商。近年來研發的風管法蘭夾安裝方便可再使用也廣泛的被各大工程行採用。

 NKS Steel Industrial Ltd. has been a qualified Metal Clip of plastic garment hanger supplier of Mainetti, Visconti, A&E, Plasti-Form, Uniplast…etc. and has been OEM for Petterssons Sweden & Asia Ltd., with good reputation.

美工刀片及特殊客製刀片 Knife and Blades
京琳專門製造多種美工刀片, 牛角刀, 工業機械用刀片, 脫姆遜刀, 鋸片, 學生用鉛筆刀, 特殊刀片, 各式刀片, 及各種碳素鋼帶捲, 捲尺材料 , 專業製造工廠, 量身訂做, 並提供專業之解決方案。若找不到適用的型號, 京琳也歡迎隨時洽詢OEM/ODM(客製化代工)製造. 京琳同時並提供美工刀片, 牛角刀, 工業機械用刀片, 脫姆遜刀, 鋸片, 學生用鉛筆刀, 特殊刀片, 各式刀片的各種碳素鋼帶捲, 捲尺材料 ,  量身訂做, 並提供專業之解決方案。

NKS is also specialized in offering knife baldes, and all kind of special and customized blades. We welcome OEM / ODM blades. By the way we also supply steel materials for knife blades, all blades and steel measuring tape. Please refer to Steel Materials for more details

鋼材加工處理 Steel Strip / Steel Process
鋼材加工處理包含分條(大切/小切)、一般/複捲式鋼(帶)捲、熱處理、表面處理等, 鋼材產品包括合金工具鋼(Alloy Tool Steels)、碳素工具鋼(Carbon Tool Steels)、鉻鉬鋼Cr-Mo Steels)、鉻鋼(Cr Steels)、碳素鋼(Carbon Steels)及彈簧鋼(Spring Steels),最新技術的複捲式鋼(帶)捲 (Oscillated Coil) 已在歐美澳等國銷售。

In special steels, we concentrate the main high quality special steel materials such as Cold Rolled Steel Strip, Carbon Steel Strip, Carbon Tool Steel Strip, Alloy Tool Steel Strip, Chromium Molybdenum Steel Strip and Spring Steels.

Steel process includes slitting, oscillation, heat treatment, surface griding with our skilled technical manpower and automated production system. NKS Steel is well-known with professional experienced-skills and good reputation of Steel Process Industry in Taiwan.

京琳公司亦提供特殊鋼板 (例如半導體用) CNC線切割加工製造的服務, 除了前面介紹的合作夥伴與產品製造外, 我們亦歡迎同好們一起來共同開發各項鋼材,沖壓, 熱處理,表面處理等業務, 共創更好的業績及提供給客戶更好的服務.。

In addition, we’ve been doing our constantly pursue R&D and effort to enhance the quality of our products and services to meet our clients’ needs in manufacturing business and many other machinery industries.

NKS Steel provides satisfactory service, exceptional quality, competitive price and short delivery to assure that we do every effort to satisfy our customers. NKS Steel cordially welcomes people from all over the world to get in touch with us for further inquiry of our products and services.