Metal Clip for Plastic Hanger & Clamp 衣架夾/彈片扣具風管法蘭夾

京琳有限公司專門製造多種衣架夾之鐵扣/扣具/彈片(Metal clips)已超過二十年;京琳一直都以忠誠、可靠、專業的服務員則為待客之道而成為國際主要衣架品牌Mainetti、TAC、Visconti、A&E、Plasti-Form 和 Uniplast 高品質的供應商,也是Petterssons Sweden & Asia Ltd.的 OEM 廠商。

近年來研發的風管法蘭夾安裝方便可再使用也廣泛的被各大工程行採用。 若找不到適用的型號, 京琳也歡迎隨時洽詢OEM(客製化代工)製造.

NKS Steel Ind. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and trading Metal Clips for plastic hangers & French Clamp in a wide variety of items.

NKS Steel Industrial Ltd. has been a qualified Metal Clip of plastic garment hanger supplier of Mainetti, TAC, Visconti, A&E, Plasti-Form, Uniplast…etc. and has been OEM for Petterssons Sweden & Asia Ltd., with good reputation, satisfactory service, exceptional quality, competitive price and short delivery.

French Clamp is Sprcialized Designed for Air Condition Ducting System with easy installation and re-useable for cost saving.

NKS Steel Ind. Ltd. is cordially welcome people from all over the world to contact us to inqiry for following items free samples or any customized clips.

材質: 碳鋼 SAE1050 (50C)
表面處理: 電鍍(鍍鋅)
厚度: 依型號設計而定 (如下所示).

Material: carbon steel, SAE1050 (50C)
Finish: Zinc-Plated
Thickness: depends

If you can not find the right metal clip model no. for your plastic hanger, you are welcome to contact us for more items or OEM production. 
中文介紹型錄下載 (JPG) (PDF)